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Black Mushroom Gnome hat
Black Mushroom Gnome hat
Black Mushroom Gnome hat

Black Mushroom Gnome hat

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Well it looks like the end of the year madness is upon us again and for many of us, myself included adulting can get pretty tedious.

But i have a solution forget seriousness melarky and have a crack at being a gnome.

I can guarantee possibly 

. Life will be easier

. Your love life will improve 

. You can tackle those festive bills by starting a gnome themed only fans 

. It will make you taller 


So isnt it time you or your loved ones embraced the Gnome way and not just any gnome but a mushroom gnome ...the king of the gnomes!


All handcrafted right here in the workshop, not cheap imported synthetic rubbish.

The gnome hats are free form so they will fit most.

A huge bonus if your getting it as a present for someone as you dont have to know their exact size. As  well the outer band can be tightened to adjust sizing

If you require them in a size 61 and up please message me on purchase and i will make to that size range.

Black Mushroom Gnome hat