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Hat Size?


Don't know your hat size? Don't stress, a lot of people don't know it these days mostly because mass made hats are notorious for simply having small, medium and large...
Well none of that nonsense here, this hat is getting made for YOU! Now back on point, to get your measurement it's as simple as taking a soft cloth ruler and measuring around the head just above the ears and across the forehead where a hat would usually sit (just like in the picture).
So for example, you measured 59 cm, you are therefore a size 59. For our friends using the Imperial system, if you give me the measurements in inches, that will work perfectly as well!
What to do with this new found head sizing skill?
When you order a Mr Legbas hat, you will have the choice between sizes 54 and 64- so just make sure to choose the right dimensions so your hat fits perfectly!